New To The Forum


Greetings to all on this excellent and most informative Board.
I take delivery of my new 03 (Silver/Grey) Busa next week (saying goodbye to my 96' V-Max).
Can anyone tell me if the TRE works on an 03 Busa? Also, have any of you guys fitted a Dale Walker Holeshot Power Shifter 3 to your bikes?
Aloha & welcome to our clubhose Kim. I'm not sure about your questions but I know someone here will, hang in and check back often. Post pics of you & Busa as soon as you can. Your just coming into winter there arnt you? Hows the riding weather? - Kent
Welcome to the boards Kim. Hey I love Perth by the way, I've been down a couple of time and use to be a memeber of the American -Australian Club. I don't have an aswer either but wanted to welcome you to the boards.
Will post pics as soon as I get the Busa.
Yes, its Autumn here now, weather is still good though, has been 30C but has dropped to a pleasant 26C today. Should be pretty good right into May. Perth is blessed with some great weather for most of the year.
Welcome to the board!!!
Welcome to the board Kim... i am also looking into the TRE for the 03... if i find out anything i will let you know as well as the whole group.
Write Alan at

He's got a PSIII on his Busa, he did the install and can answer any question you have.

I have a PSIII and a PSII, but haven't installed them on either bike yet.
I have a PSII on the ZX-11 and LOVE IT!