New to the Board.... no problems....


Thought I'd say - howdy! Lived in Texas 1/2 my life. I usually hang out at but found my way here.

41, live in south Orange County California last 5 years. Ride a '01 black & silver 'Busa, Akra, PC2 and an oe XX.

Pics of my bikes attached,,,, hopefully, don't know if I did it right.

Welcome to the board OC :beerchug: .......guess I'll be the guinea pig....which one do you like best overall.
They're both very nice!!!
I think the 'Busa will be around my place a long time, don't think they'll make another like it.

It is true what the mags say, the XX is more "refined". A great bike and in some ways better than the 'Busa. Overall I prefer the feel, look and power of the 'Busa.

But lately I've been scraping the fairing & pipe (badly) on the XX and starting to scrape the pegs on the 'Busa. So I think the XX will be sold soon and onto a 1K for a 'Busa stablemate.
Wecome to our house! It's a very cool place, no punks here just good people... and i was gonna ask about the bird so thanx for the comments before i asked. :D
Welcome OC.  Starting to get jealous of your weather out there. :cool:
I spent 1/2 my life growing up in the cold of Pittsburg, PA, and 1/2 my life in the heat & humidity/straight road flatlands of Texas.

The weather here is unbelievable year-round. It's what keeps me in southern Cal, the weather & the roads are unbelievable.

I've been here 5 years and I never grow tired of it...
Welcome to the boards... :D
Any good house for sale in your neighbourhood? :D
I hate this weather... and it's one of the best places in Europe. :D