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I just sold my 02 Warrior custom. It's on the Yamaha Virtual bike show in the Warrior section.Black with the two amber stripes, and a 250 tire . I am now on the hunt for a new ride and the BEEE is on the top of my list. I need an honest answer since I could only take one for a short test ride. Tell me how this bike handles in comparison on a 1-10 scale. My Buell XB12s with race kit only mods, to me was easily a 10. when compared to other sport bikes. I have missed it since I sold it early last spring. I know it doesn't have the top end and rpm range that the BEEE has but I couldn't get a feel how this thing is going to be once I get use to it. I would like to know it's limitations. I would like some feed back. Thanks....Later


Ok So I will qualify my response by saying that I only recently picked up my B King . I traded my Ducati 999 (just didn't ride it because of the riding position) for it, and with no disrespect to your Buell I will say that it probably handed better that your Buel ( have about total of 6 hours a a very well tuned Buel) I would rate the Ducati my solid 10 The other bikes in my current stable are Turbo 05 Busa (stock length a Victory Cruiser and a Goldwing (GL1800). I would place the Victory at a 6 the GL1800 at solid 8 and the Busa and the B-King at a 9. The Kings upright seating better than average suspension make this a very easy bike for me to ride. Of the bikes I have it clearly has the best brakes this makes controlling the beast a great deal easier. I would not describe it as nimble, but it handles very well and between the power to roll it out of a corner and the brakes to control it going into one make this a very easy bike for me to ride hard.


To nhgunnut, Thanks for the quick and informative response. It is very helpful. As i could tell from my test ride the B-King is very different from any of the other bikes i've owned. I didn't attempt to drag the foot pegs on it, being the fact that it was my first ride on it and that it was not mine, yet. I had my Buell for 5 years and it just fit me well and I knew how to ride it. I liked the feel of it's 375 lb weight, low center of gravity and that I could adjust the suspension. It was a blast to ride, but you are right it isn't a Ducati nor was it meant to be.The thing I liked about the B-king is the riding position, and the smooth almost limitless torque and power. I am trying to determine if I can live with it. I am bikeless and on the hunt. Thanks again for the input. Later


The B King clearly doesn't feel like a 600 cc race replica would on a track flicking through turns. In real world driving conditions the bike is awesome. It is as fast as any motorcycles out there stop light to stop light. If you have the balls the B King can take any stock bike on the street. It handles very well - similar to race replicas in turns - but its riding position takes some time to master and the bars are very wide and for me seemed to need more input. I finally realized to get the most out of the bike in turns to lean into the tank "getting your chin down and on to the tank" and then I pulled my elbow opposite of the "turn side" in to my chest and almost released the the handle bar to get the bike low and steady in curves. In other words, the wide handle bars and my upright position grabbing them created an almost perfect triangle in which in found my counter steering inputs were being naturally offset by my opposite straight armed weight being applied via the triangle arm stance. This doesn't happen to me on sports bike because the agressive riding position puts your arms into a more neutral and bent arm position. Once I realized that I was unconsciously fighting my own steering inputs the bike blossomed for me. This relavation didn't take long but I did need to work out the best way to ride the bike (its neither sport nor standard). I think the bike suspension is a little soft but this makes it a more comfortable and even handling every day bike. The power of this bike needs to be respected - if you jack the throttle before coming back to near vertical this the bike will shudder and the back tire will let go. However, the B King contrary to some of the talk is a cream puff to ride if ridden with some restraint. I love the bike and the engine is very well known, I would recommend that you read all the comments posted here. You will find hardly any negative comments on the B King. It is not a beginners bike but it is not chaulk full of gremlins and idiosyncrasies either. Up shot - If you want a motorcycle with all the power, torque and handling of top end race replicas but not sports bike ergonomics this is the bike for you.


B King rated 0-10

All aroud for me - can't name a better bike - 9.8

Sports Bike/race replica uses - definately wouldn't be laughed at on race track day - 8.5

Hooligan/Street Menace uses - 10+

Touring - Sports Touring - suprising good ergonomics for short day touring 4 to 6 Hours - 7.5

Cruiser type uses - outperforms crusiers across the board except in "exhust growl" - 9.6

Kid Appeal - 10+ actually had two "yuts" sorry "Yoouuuthes" try and climb aboard. Only bike I have ever owned that kids thought was an amusement ride!

Women Appeal - 7 - Not stamped with "Coach" and not shiny enough! If it had a leather seat embossed with "Coach" and a pocket for a cell phone and lip stick it would a - 10

General Appeal - 9.5 - I often walk out of a store and people will be gathered around it (for better or worse) - it is a rare bike to see in the wild!

Engine - 10+

Acceleration - 9.9 +

Top End speed - 9.8 with TRE

Handling - 9 - Heavy bike and is not flickable like race replicas but way better than everything else...

Probably the heaviest bike you can readily do a wheelie and stoppie on - 10 for cool in that department...


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Hey, Zipper...welcome to the greatest forum anywhere!

Enjoy the King...she's truly one-of-a-kind.



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:welcome: to the org. I have had a B-King and have a busa now, and the B-King handled just as good and had better brakes, you will like it. :thumbsup:


Hi everyone, I'm new to this (or any) forum and am happy to discover the site. I just bought a B-King last week and am building my arsenal of aftermarket goodies. I have Yoshimura TRC's in stainless,and a fender eliminator on standby. OES sliders already installed.One thing that I want to get info.on is the intake covers. I'm alittle long from the foot pegs to the knee and a bit cramped with the stock covers.I see two types of aftermarket covers on the web. Does anyone know if these or any others give more leg room? I know that I can drop the pegs but like the rubber isolation on the stock ones.


Thanks to all of you for the positive input and help. This is what a forum should be all about. You have helped me make my decision, but still not final. I just can't do the bend and stretch of the Busa but love everything else about it. I have put 250-350 miles on my Warrior with no problem. The bike I buy has to have that factor built into it, and from my short test ride it seems to be able to do that easily. I have a situation since selling my other bike of how to spend apx $9800.00 and not regretting it later. It isn't easy to do a quick resale these days and another factor is the resale value of the B-King market. I think If I go with it, I would buy the best low milage used one I could find. That way I will have enough cash to mod it into being my own bike. Thanks to all for the welcome. Later

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