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This is the a great forum and I am happy I found it. My background is I started back in 84 on a Honda cb450 and rode that for two years. In 86 out comes the Honda VFR 750 Interceptor, I had to have one, so I know how the new riders feel about the busa. In 97 went to the V-MAX then two years ago traded that in for a new kid. What I have now is a craftsman ys 450 with the auto trans, fast and cuts good but I want more. I have ridden a busa before and it made the V-max look old and slow so now I think I will get one(if the wife lets me). Will wait for the new models to come out to see what changes if any and new colors, no hurry. Thanks for all the good info.
welcome to the fun house.
hey just tell the wife to let you by a busa. tell her its like makeing money.
because if you wait 2 years the price could be 1000.$ more, so if you by one now you saved her 1000$, its like makeing money to buy something. fuzzl logic.
my wife ddnt go for the idea.:p
Welcome to the site............

It's a place full of great people who'll give you plenty of their time to talk about anything you wish to................. and some things you may not wish to talk about

Hope to catch up with you soon..

Dazz out...................
welcome to the board...

wifey reason #2: gas mileage- with gas prices the way they are, you can tell her you will save enough in gas money to actually make the's like getting a free bike

of course, what she doesn't know is that you will love riding the 'Busa so much that you will take the long way everywhere you go, thereby actually using more gas than if you had actually taken the car

but she doesn't know that and we will never tell

I know that problem...Wife? Busa? Wife? Busa?

I sure am HAPPY with my Busa!!!
and just hang around and all your questions of when and what will be answered

Whats the story behind ur nick? U own a glock or two or many? Just had to ask since thats mine and my families gun of choice!
Thanks for the warm welcome. The wife should not be a worry when it comes to the busa. She does not ride, so its just me. I got the nickname because I have /had so many glock handguns. I think a good number of riders also shoot. Anybody want to give a guess if the busa will have any big changes for 07.
Welcome to the board. The Busa is the only bike around with so much power on 87 octane gas even the ZX14 cant say that as it requires Premium fuel haha.