New or Used


I am currently riding an R1. I am very close to being able to sell my r1 and get a busa. I have been given several good quotes from local dealers on a used busas, but all my local dealers will not budge on OTD price of a new busa. I have done several mods to my R1 and enjoy working on my bike but if i buy a used busa with pipe, air box mod etc, i would have more money to play with down the road. If i have to buy a new bike at a msrp i will not have much if any extra $ to spend on all the toys. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Let someone else take the hit and buy used! If your patient enough there are plenty of deals to be had.................


Buy new (pay more), but You enjoy the new half of the bike.........Then sale the old half to someone else. Its a break even proposition. Either way you go the bike basically cost the same (providing you don't modify the crap out of it or decide to keep it forever).
PAY ME NOW or PAY ME LATER...........
Used bikes cost around $6000.00 to $9000.00 and new ones around $9200.00 to $$$. Just my .02
Alwa.ys buy new if you have the money or the bike is highly modified.
I would have to agree with Ninja on this one. When it comes to buying "toys" some people play nice where other don't. You just never know what they have done to it.
Welcome to the board. Let us know what you get
I would have to agree with Ninja on this one.  When it comes to buying "toys" some people play nice where other don't.  You just never know what they have done to it.
Welcome to the board.  Let us know what you get
If you buy new you know what your getting...Used your taking a chance...Since your talking with a dealer used may not be a bad choice if they give you at least a year warranty and the option to buy extended warranty...Check it out...Beware of any bike that boast engine mods I would run from that...Basic mods are O.K...
Buy used from a dealer, that way you get recourse if its not what it's claimed to be. I bought used from a e-bay seller. I got lucky and got a magnificent bike with just a exhaust mod for more about a third less than new.

I think I got a good deal and he thinks he got a fair price but I'll tell you if I thought I got screwed there would be nothing I could do about it.
If you know what you ar elooking at I dont see a problem with buying a used bike (if you know what you are looking for) I got a really good deal on mine a 2000 in Sept of 2001 with 800 miles on it mint shape for 7500 miles 40 year old guy perfect stock even threw in a rear stand and the original hump. The guy almost cried when I drove it home in the rain. He said it had never been driven in rain thats why so few miles he worked 50 miles away and didnt want to get caught in rain hehe. So do your homework look for hidden damage ask what shop serviced the bike and ask them about the records. But again I was a GM auto tech for 9 years I am very mechanical and do all of my work myself.
I don't mind buying used cars. I mean you save a crap load of money and you do not have to eat the initial depreciation. Not to mention all the "pre-Owned" cars out there now that come with warranties. Lemme see...New POS Toyota Corolla $18K with a couple of options...Used BMW 328i, Fully loaded and certified...$19K. Worth of each in 5 more years...BMW maybe 14-15K Toyota Prolly about 8K.

BUT when it comes to high performance bikes. New I think is about the only way to go. Mostly based on the potential abuse factor and important service items. Besides the Bikes do not depreciate too bad. I like the piece of mind I get from knowing exactly where my ride has been and how it has been treated.

my .02
this is a 200mph toy! your life is in its hands, you will most probably die if someone "had a go" at putting a chain on and its not right. think carefully and look carefully. if i had the option i would always buy new, unfortunatly new is a dream. good luck.