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just sold my vrod, now looking to buy a busa,i have a price on a new 06 black for 10200 tax this a good price for a new one ? i have been checking out bikes for sale on this board, and have seen some good deals, but there all to far away. i live on the tennessee alabama state line if your wondering. i am wanting to find out what the opinions are on this board for buying used or new based on the price i got for a new one. if i buy it i would change the exhaust, chrome the wheels and a few other things, can not help it on the chroming, thats the harley davidson still in me.
thank you for your time and help.


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I got mine for $10,031 out the door in Indiana (Blk/gry 06). I would say that is a good price. The busas hold thier value pretty well, so the used ones are still 6-9Gs. My thought when I bought mine was: Good price, good financing, I know who has ridden it, I know who takes care of it.

Good Luck on your choice.


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How far ya want to go, if it's close (as in within 200 miles) , it might be a good price. Maybe try a smaller town, they sometimes have better prices and sometimes not. Look up the Suzuki site and put in your Zip Code and it will show you the closes dealers within your area. Then just start calling

Of course there are some Tenn and Bama members on here, so HELP THE GUY OUT Guys  


things like a busa i would only buy new could be rode hard and put away wet and shined up to look good


Look at Deep Creek Marina...between 9k-9.5k out the door...Also J&J motorsports I saw in Cycle trader has 06 busas for 9,499 + TTL...but I havent talked to them yet and I am sure you could get them a little lower. Hope this helps!
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