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30 new members in the last 3 days!Happy with that Captain?


Gettin there, members are beginning to post and that is the most important thing. I would be perfectly happy if we only had a handful if everyone participated.. What gets me frustrated is that there are a bunch of people that get usernames and never post, never even vote in the polls. This site will only be as good and active as everyone makes it. I hope that it continues to grow and more and more people use the site for what it was intended..

Thanks for noticing
Just let things take course. It's slow now anyway with the cooler weather. Not too many people going to be posting about their adventures in the garage.
In the garage
thats was funny

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It's worth posting, even if it's just for the free tyres when you get 100 post's

Ain't that right Cap. or have I read the terms/conditions wrong
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Sure, the first person that has 100 post can have my old worn out tires that came off my Busa last summer. It will take me a little time to untie it from the tree and run the neighborhood kids away from the tire swing.

Its awesome to talk to BUSA pilots such as myself . So if you have info don't hide it divide it
or even us young folk who are waiting to get there lisense... man i cant wait. went to a dealership today, finally got to hear one of these beautiful bikes start and run.... i geez... i cant wait till i own one.
Its not that I don't want to post. It is just that there is now a lot of information on the Hayabusa on the web. This is a more mellow site and I hope it grows.
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Must be politically correct don't forgot those that can't afford one.