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Have a looksy at this thread:

A couple of us have the Givi setup.


Thanks everyone, this kickstand thing worries me big time.
I will definitely post lots of photos when I can, but here is one from the bike shop.

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Make sure to drag the bike backwards a half inch or so after putting the side stand down. Mine has never tipped over in 17 years.

Oh, I used to know a girl from Walla Walla but where is Wagga Wagga?
Walla Walla is only 100ks from Wagga Wagga, almost half way point between Sydney and Melbourne. Some great roads in this part of this country.
People complain a top case ruins the looks - and it does, but if you want to put on some serious miles, it's 110% easier than soft luggage.

If you are a once-a-year tour rider or weekender, stick with soft luggage.

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I don’t think it ruins the looks!! but I’m a function over form guy. For me, if a top case would greatly increase your enjoyment and comfort of riding then it’s a no brainer. Do it.

I’ve done cycling and motorcycle riding with backpacks and a guy looked at me on my bicycle one day and said- whatever is in that backpack is too heavy to be on your back. He was right. :laugh:

I still use an Osprey hydration pack because it’s so hot and dry where I live that I like to stay hydrated while riding motorcycles.

I’m also a proponent of hearing protection when riding. I use a Cardo to talk to my friends and the lower db ear plugs don’t interfere with it unless we start to push the pace.