new kawi h2


I think they are hunting for the BMW1000RR... So that said and done, Hyper bikes need an upgrade before we're considered part of the Hardly group.


Kawasaki's Decepticon​


wow thats hot! plenty of ppl will get in line to own that. thats sharp! too bad on the steep price tho. blower are cheap.


I like the tubular chasis, dash, brembo's and gauge cluster. Has a very European look to it..... the front end resembles a Panigale IMO.

Can't really say Yay or Nay till I see 1 up close & personal @ a Stealership :whistle:


Well that is extraordinary! Looks like ABS for sure and I would assume TC - but it looks like even on a bike like this the Japanese are going with rubber brake lines!. Wonder if there is launch control? Looking at the dash there appear to be no electronic wiz bangs. Typical suspension parts, nothing too high end like electronic or dynamic damping Ohlins. Single sided swing arm (useless IMHO). Clearly an inline 4 so displacement is in the 1000cc range. Seat does not look like it was made for road racing but the bike appears to have sport bike proportions (vs drag length). Packaging looks awesome. Trellis frame was probably necessary for space at intake area with intake plumbing - wonder if that's hot ? where is the gas storage (not much for sport-touring)? Where does the passenger sit? I bet those "Flying Nun" wings come off for the mirrors. Also must be LED headlights or the production version will have some changes to the front.

A very curious bike indeed. The only place to race a supercharged bike is a drag race, but this bike looks like it is packaged to turn. Basically looks like a road racer. But those side panels on the seat would have to go if you expect to move across the seat. Also you won't be racing this baby anywhere with no belly pan. Also this version doesn't have a cat - that's a straight-through exhaust. All that carbon fiber is going to have to be fake if the bike really costs $26K in H2R form. If the H2R is to be sold as truly a race bike, that would explain no lights, mirrors, or Cats. But where is it going to "race"?

My guess this is not production form.


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Yes this is the RACE ONLY version and not legal for the street at 300HP!

Rumor at the show is the "street" version will be released in November with around 200hp...

Very cool but not really what I was expecting. I'm more interested in the electronics and the ride-ability of the package and power delivery. They are going to be very limited so you won't see them very often if at all... :(


Given that we've seen the patents from kawasaki years ago, this bike shouldn't be surprising, especially for suzuki. So it shouldn't take then long to have a response. Or if they aren't responding, then we know suzuki is really dropping the ball, and did so knowing their competition was leap frogging them.


jus cause it aint street legal doesn't mean ppl won't register it. plenty of turbo bike have no mirrors, no exhaust or cats. all u gotta do is thro some signals on it and ur good to go unless u live in cali with all the emission restrictions but most states don't have any restrictions for bikes

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I think its way too much money but also its a very cool bike. I'm interested to see some of these race shops get the street version and show us what the bike is capable without all the factory restrictions on it.


All I can say is where is da Sazzook version, lol? What a fricking achievement. KHI is a serious company.

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