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Hey I hope Cappy dont mind but I'm gonna try for a free plug here. My new sales job is with National Merchant Services, we offer wholesale credit card processing & equipment, atm machines, gift cards...  So for any of ya's that have a biz and would like some info, let me know as I can play with the the numbers for my busa buddies. Thanx - Kent
Kent send me info. Might be something that some of the shops can use. Also me I hope in the near future.
Well this was the oldest thread I could dredge up on the subject so here goes!

Today was my last day at my old job! I start the new one in a week! New job was just way too good to pass up, better commute, back to doing what I do best and yeah more money. Going to miss the folks I just had beers with, but that is the way of the world now it would seem. I guess that makes me a statistic of the "Great Resignation"!