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I have taken great interest in the Hayabusa GSX-R1300, its my favorite bike and it cool reminds me of the bike from Akria. Not to mention after I saw one beat the all mighty Supra at its game it was love at first sight.

After seing one in person I knew I had to find out more. Im a Lamborghini Guy mainly on there forums thats my dream car which one day I will own but the Hayabusa slowly became my dream bike. The problem is I can't get one yet because I need to address my weight problems first. So im considering buying one as my first motorbike but I need to know more.

Where would I start?
Welcome to the board. I would not recommend the Busa as a first MC. It is extremely powerful and fast.

It sounds like you are a heavy person and you want a bike with power to tool you around? My advice is to get something more like a used metric cruiser for a year or so while you work on your weight concern. Take the motorcycyle safety course as well.

Best of luck to you!

Tom. (Postal)
Welcome! There are a few posts about a Busa as a first bike in the 'New Owners Forum' that you probably want to read.
If you get a busa for your first bike, you may not ever be able to get a lamborghini after all. We are all grown adults and make our own decisions, just take our advice seriously because most of us do know what we are talking about.
When I went to buy my 'busa, I pretended like I'd never even sat on a bike before (I like to mess with salesman) and they never warned me at all.

They did encourage me to wheelie out of their (partially gravel) parking lot onto the (well trafficked, 55 mph) street on brand new (slimy) tires.
Welcome to the .org!

I suggest reading this thread to see what many opinions are regarding a Busa being a first bike.

Yes it has been done (successfully and unsuccessfully) and yes it is your money and your life but if you want opinions, please read the thread.

welcome...+1 to the above answers...take your time, learn as much as you can, and never put yourself in a situation where you are riding beyond your abilities...

if that means you have to get something a little easier to learn on and then move up to the 'Busa later, so be it...

it is better to have to wait a year or two than to get one as your first bike and end up getting seriously injured or killed because you didn't know how to control the beast...

good luck on the weight issue and whatever you decide to do regarding bikes

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! You might want to start with a standard (like a Suz Bandit) ! And I agree, take an MSF (Motorcycle Safty Foundation) riding course. Start with the beginners and go up through expert. You'll learn alot about basic controls and what to do and look for while riding. BUT NOTHING, will take place of just experience which comes slowly but can be done very safely

Do not buy one as your "first" bike. That is not a good idea. Buy something in the 600cc range to begin with and buy something used that you will not mind dropping and getting scratched up. That way, you can learn how to handle a bike without worrying about ruining it. I bought my first Hayabusa a month ago but it is like my 20th bike overall. They are SCARY fast! I still have not let it unwind completely as it scares/thrills me at the same time!
You will prolly do what you want since its your money, But head these words, DO THE MSF COURSE b4 any bike decision, you will learn a lot, that WILL help you become a better rider, but it cannot teach you the experience(you get that from riding) or restraint/maturity (which you really need on any of the new monster bikes gixxer 1k, ninja 10r, yami r-1, cbr1000rr, Busa , 12r, and the ninja 14 all of these bike are scary wicked fast) good luck on your decision, make the right one for you

welcome to the org
Thanks guys

I got back from the doctor and so far lost about 20pds and slowly taking control of my life, I got a long ways to go but for sure after this journey Im getting me a sportbike.
I think it's probably a good decision to get something else to start out with. I think a Katana is a good prequel to the Busa because it's similar in weight/size. If you can handle a Katana for a year then I see no reason why a Busa would give you any trouble (unless you go looking for trouble!)...