New exhaust


I finally made the plunge into a full system for my Busa. I've been agonizing over this for several months and today the system arrived, so I put it on.

I wanted to keep the dual exhausts, so my aftermarket options weren't hugh. While I was researching/agonizing/shopping, I wandered into the clearance area of the Two Bros Racing on-line store. There was a full system with the round aluminum cans for about $300 less than retail. The headers were used for dyno testing, but the cans were in the original packing.

Since this was one of the systems I was considering, I had to have it. At that price, I'd have bought two. Well, maybe not, but that did make up my mind about the whole thing.

Today the pipes arrived. I had already gathered the gaskets, PC3r and PAIR valve plates I needed, so I was all set to dive right in. As promised the cans were in pristine condition. The header pipes were nicely aged to the golden color stainless steel gets. Kinda matches the gold lettering on my Busa.

Installation was a pain. Not to imply there is anything wrong with the headers, but there sure are a lot of steps involved in removing and replacing the exhaust system. Removing planels, radiators, brackets, hoses, PAIR, header bolts (arg!), keeping track of all the bolts and screws, getting the old header out and then the new one in, etc.

Those of us who have opted for the dual cans have probably all gone through the hassel of lining them up in the back. Wiggle, adjust, twist, cuss, loosen, tighten, swear, measure, tweak, slide, and eventually call it close enough. I swear I spent more time messing around with those cans than I did with the rest of the project.

I had Yoshi slip-ons before. This Two Bros full system is louder, but not by much at slow speed. In the higher RPMs it will scream. I am pleased. I'm using the PC3r map from Dynojet that is made for the Two Bros dual exhaust full system. It idles a bit rougher. But seems smoother above 2000 RPMs and the flat spot at 4500 RPMs is noticibly smaller. Again I am pleased.

I'll post some pics sometime tomorrow. One thing that will be imeadiately noteworthy is that I have the cans reversed. That is to say left on the right side and right on the left side. That way the TBR logo is to the inside, facing the tire, and therefore not visible. Nothing personal about TBR, I just prefer the look of those polished cans without the logo.
It's raining here, so I might not be able to get a better pic than this.

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