Two Bros


I'm considering making the move to a full system for my beloved Busa. But I would like to stay with a two exhaust cans configuration. I guess I just like the symmetry.

Anyway, I’ve done a little looking and so far I have found three systems that will give me the two cans out back. I think I want the stainless steel headers since they will turn a bit golden as they age -- which ought to go well with the gold stickers on my SE. For cans I am considering carbon or stainless steel.

I’m curious about the Two Brothers Racing system.

Does anyone on the board use that system? Any comments on Two Bros as a company or their products? Anyone got pics of a full system on a Busa? Installation hiccups?

On a related topic. Pair valve removal is a must for a full system as I understand it. Anyone got a good vendor recomendation for pair valve block off plates?


Not to question your desires, but why a 4-2 full system? If you are looking to keep the twin can look, then just go for slipons.

I also have the SE and have Yoshi RS 3 Carbon Fiber cans.

I am not sure what addtional performance gains you will realize with a 4-2. You would certainly recognize power gains with a 4-2-1, full race system.

If you go to the 4-2, or 4-2-1, it is not necessary to remove the pair valve. It would be nessary to re-map your bike to accept the 4-2 or 4-2-1 to get the max out of it. Re-mapping is generally not required with slipons.

just my .02 cents

Stealth, the one and only

I have titanium Yoshi slip-ons now. And they are great. Look good, sound good, etc.

But I would like to shed a few pounds from the Busa and perhaps get a touch more power. Which a twin can 4-2 full system will do. Though I'll admit that a 4-2-1 system would be lighter, I still want to keep two exhausts out back.

I know I'll have to remap with a Power Comander or equivalent. No problem. In fact I am looking forward to tinkering with the maps a bit to match my riding style.

I might even drop a tooth in front or add a tooth in the rear to give the bike a bit more low end push. I haven't made up my mind on that. Or on the exhaust system for that matter.
Two bro are loud and won't add the HP that some other brands will. I would go 4-2-1. It adds HP and loses weight.
TJ is correct. I am running the Two-Brothers 4-2-1 exhaust (loud) I love it. As far as Hp is concerned there are probably alot of better choices. I haven't had alot of luck running this exhaust with a powercommander. The gains are minimal for the cost of all the components involved.......If your looking for something to bolt on and forget about, this would be my first choice. If dragracing is your only concern better try another system! If dependability, smooth operation, and the abscense of weekend wrenching is your goal buy a Two-Brothers system.