new exhaust problems

HP Junkie

well i got my exhaust on mon and went right to work. after 5 hours of knuckle bleeding , sswearing, and more than a few beers the micron full exhaust with carbon oval can sounds and looks sweeeeeeeet. but i have a few concerns

1. the pipe still smokes and smells after several rides and heat cycles

2. the exhuast collector hits the old exhaust hanger under the engine, has anyone had to cut it off?

3. there is a lot more heat coming from the fairings now even after i wrapped the header and put that sticky back insulation on the fairings

4. i am getting a lot of backfiring when engine braking below 5000rpm, i installed a powercommander3 and this seemed to tame it a little but has not eradicated the noises.also i dont know sh*t about EFI bikes and all i did was make the connections for the pcr the place i bought the exhaust said it was mapped for my bike/pipe but i think this is more thing i have not touched the air box yet (stock filter no pair mod) could this contribute to the popping ?

thanks in advance :cool:
The shop cannot tell you that it's mapped for that bike, unless they put a sniffer in the tailpipe and checked the air/fuel ratio.
All bikes are different.
A lean running bike will cause more heat.
The pair valve also needs to go.
The pair is like 8 small bolts that connect to the head. After you remove that part, you have to block the holes that you opened up. Either get ahold of Mike at Reaper Racing for a $20 kit that has instructions,
or tap the head and install a bolt, to seal it.
Then there are like, 3 bolts to remove the unit and bracket , from the engine.
There is a hole in the airbox that has to be plugged, and then you route a hose from the crank cade to the other hole in the airbox, for venting.
Easier than it sounds!
I would remove the flapper, while the airbox is off the bike. Remove the vacuum pod that actuates the flapper, also!
Cut a round piece out of the flapper and silicon it under the box, where the pod was, to seal the hole up.
You will have a vacuum line open, that went to the pod, just plug it with a screw.
thanks sleeper, mods going well just waiting for the block plates. hey monster the site you posted walked me thru it easily, much appreciated.

ninja, i live in hopkinton RI, do you know anywhere close in ct to get my bike dyno'ed and mapped properly after im done?
the pair mod was a success, and not really that hard after you loosen the radiator bolts and remove the exhaust:p actually i had to replace the exhaust gaskets anyway but no more backfiring, and im getting it dyno tuned and mapped sat. thanks all