New busa owner just saying hi

Just popin the post cherry. Im new to the busa but not bikes. I wrecked my previous bike by avoiding a malibu that blew a blind corner and was comin right at me while on vac down in tenesee/north carolina. I high sided and was flung into the guard rail and did a couple flippys till using my head as brakes. My bike was totaled so i was just waitin till i fully healed to buy a dif bike. I bought it new outa the box yesterday and got 400 miles on it while workin 11 hr days still. No dissapointments yet. Just hard to keep my wrist from snappin till 500 miles. Just thought id say hi and in the past every time i have gone to deals gap atleast once a year i run into the busa bash so im lookin forward to that.
Sucks that you went down hard like that. I went down at low speeds and that sucked too but I wasnt wearing full gear so I blame myself...
Thanks all and yes as soon as i get on my personal comp i will post some pics. stupid ppl at work want me to do work on our computers instead of personal intrests. I have to take some "BEFORE" mod pics n e way.

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