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Hey guys.
Currently I have the engine out of my Busa due to issues with low compression in cylinder 2. I decided while I have it out I wanted to improve my performance a little bit however I have some questions. I want to go with a higher compression ratio while keeping the stock bore. I've found pistons that claim 13:1 ratio however would that be achievable without any major work? Would I just be better off going with 12.5:1?

My next question comes to cams. What's the best grind without having to do any porting? I've always loved the sound of a lope but not sure what grind will get me there on a mostly stock engine if at all.

I want to avoid any major machine shop work due to ridiculous wait times as of late and going on a trip in July. The mods already done to the bike are a Brocks full alienhead system, K&N Intake, and a custom map. This is on a gen 1 (2006).

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