New Bike


Hey guys!!
Just bought a new bike 2 days ago.
A 2002 Ducati Monster 750. With the Senna scheme.
I will pick it up in the new year.I got a set of high exit fast by feracci carbon exaust on it at the shop too.
I'm excited. My first Twin!!!!
I love Christmas!!
Hey, congrats on the new wheels. Did you ever buy a Busa? Where in Canada are you...There is a large group of riders from Vancouver riding to Laguna Seca.

Where is the picture?

I do own a Busa a 2002 silver one.
I am in Toronto, Ontario.
I am developing the pics tomorrow and I will post it for you,Ok?
I'm gonna try to ride to Seca next year!! Really I am!
Canada is a big country, and I do not know my geography, but you might want to check out Flying Swan (another female Busa Rider) from Vancouver. She has a whole group of female riders.

Find the thread on Women and the Busa in Random thoughts.

Keep me posted on Laguna.
Canada sure is big!!
She lives almost 4500kms away from me. That would be a long trip!
But thanks i'll check it out. Maybe I might go out there. Gives me an excuse to see my sister!!
Talk soon!!
Hey Busachick..I know yer gonna love the sound of the twin..
Very cool you are getting one..."jealous" in Nevada..
Hope to meet you at Laguna....wife and i packing double on the Busa.byfornow
Very nice, very sexy riding around on the Duc. Almost a sexy as riding your Busa.