new begining 4 me & the begining of the end 4 everyone else


well thats the goal, ive started racing bikes 4 4 years & 1 year on the busa now after 4 years of learning to ride, going to the track & trying to go fast yesterday i went to the track knowing what to do 4 the first time on the busa so i thought since i learned something on monday told the mentor about he said what worked on the street does not translate to the track,the goal was to run 1.5s & 3.9s with 16 degrees of timing in first,
well from the street to the track 3 1.59s & 3 3.9s done first go with the monday tecknique.9.04 .
the goal is an average of 8.9s then wake it up slowly.the point is last week it took me 3.2 2.8 secs to get to 100% throttle last night i cut that down to 1.4 sec & that was the first go at it. so thats why this is so long .
im on a real high ath moment even brought my old motto out first time i took a car toa track motto was
If u dont catch me now u never fkn will, meaning first time out its only going to go quicker.i think same applies to the bike. im that comfident now, finally i can actually say i can ride 4 the first time in 4 years.
let the good times coach sent that pic sayng thats not an 8sec drag bike ITS SWB,lol

and all it took was rego on the bike a few practices on the road and here we r .whats taken1 year atthe track on the bike & still only half do it, took 2 days on the road. example across an intersection by time i get to the other side its 100% throttle no wheelspin & on the road & it translated to the track. very very happy.this may help someone to go quicker faster i hope
Man that's freaking amazing. I'm so glad your getting closer and closer. Can't wait for you to break that 8.91 goal you have. Keep us all updated on your progress. Keep it up mate
Nope, I believe he's running a 1340cc making around 215whp...

u got that right, got busa a sleepy 1340 stock bore 2 wedndays in a row now.been launching 1.5s 3.9 330s getting 100 % throttle 1.4 sec this weds 1.0 sec getting better ,last.sat state champs red light semi final, top it off won by 2.2 secs with a 9.3 @ 130mph. got a vid from that if you like
heres my new gear 4 next round of champs.
on the back of the shirt its got Australias first stock bore
normally aspirated 8 second
pass on pump fuel
foot shifed
no swingarm extensions
no air shifer
no lock up clutch
no ballast
thats on the back of the shirt.



lp (2).jpg

wallys t shirt.jpg
Very Nice !! Wish I ra that fast ! I just don't have the time to go to the track .
If the gear shown is from vistaprint, use a good shirt company. I brought a test shirt but didn't turn out well
You riding the wheels off of it, CONGRATS..
went to see my friend & coach tonight to discuss what the logs from weds. say according to him there wasnt much he could
say, just keep doing what im doing including preparing clutch lever pos ext & clean up the 330s a bit more.then ets will fall in my he gave me my first upgrade 4 the bike lol.Gale speed rear wheel stock gearing still , we fitted new cush drives.
that may get me my 8.9s average. also its a new set up.
moved up class now from modified bike to competition bike which has an index of 8.90,ill post some pics of some of the comp.the coach on the busa.