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Need a 2003 40th Aniv. Busa.

Just finished reading a few hundred posts to get the fell for the board, and I like what I see!

I've been riding my Yamaha V-Star for a while and rode a busa a little bit, so now I'm ready to get my own. The Credit Union just approved me for a loan on Saturday, and USAA quoted me $106 every 6 months on my multi-car, multi-bike policy. All I need now is a Busa!!

I'm in NorCal, and the two dealers I looked at last week, were quoting me $12,700 OTD. I read in other post that around $10,300 is what I should be paying.

I'm willing to take a drive for a good deal, so if anyone knows of a dealer willing to deal, let me know.
Dealers should be getting ready to get the prices down to make room for the 04's at the end of this month at the earliest. Hope you find a great deal on one. The busa is a wonderful machine. BTW, welcome to the board!
Welcome to the board...

Not sure about the 10.3 quotes... But, I should think you get well below the 12.7 figure! I will check with my dealer for ya... MD shouldn't to bad a drive for ya.
I paid 10,000 OTD for my 40th which tells me they probably cost the dealer around 7500 to 8000. I know ebay has 1 or 2 for under 10,000 (excluding tax and shipping). check ebay and email or call the dealer and make a reasonable offer if you don't mind having it shipped.
i know where you can get several here in texas for around 10200 out the door. call around in cali tell all the dealers your bringing your own financing to the table, no bullshit ready to buy, and want a bottom line out the door price. work em against each other. tell em their gonna do the warranty work (if ya have any) so they may as well sell ya the bike in the process. if they dont wanna come down email me, you can come stay at my place when you pick up yer new bike cause i know they will sell em alot cheaper than 12000 here.

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Try saturday afternoons, especially at the end of the month. Find that poor salesman who's in a selling slump, use and abuse 'em. Worked for me. $10,500 OTD. Talk about buying a brand that they don't carry, it might help also.
I spent two hours at the dealer today. They wanted $12,900 OTD. By the end of two hours, they came down to $11,900. That's when I was handed over to the "Manager". My best price was $10,700, but he claims that puts him $1000 in the hole.

I told him the only way I would pay $11,900, was for them to throw in a Vanson Busa jacket, Busa helmet, 4 year extended warrenty, and a free 1st service. They told me they might be able to give me 20% off the jacket and helmet. I walked. I will try another big dealer tomorrow.

Lumpy, I'm in Cali and can't buy a new bike out of state unless it has 50-state emissions. It has to have at least 7500 miles on the clock before I could register an out-of-state bike.

It would be impossible for me to find someone who would be willing to keep my Busa and put 7500 miles on it, then ship it to me.
$9.95 at will get you the scoop on Suzuki's dealer invoice cost for an '02 or '03 'Busa. Takes the guesswork out of your negotiations.

FWIW LA Cycle Sports may be worth a try. I haven't bought from them, but I know half a dozen guys who have, and in those cases the LACS OTD deals were the best they could come up with in the SoCal area - a couple of them wasted time going to local dealers who swore they wouldn't be undersold, only to end up taking the trip to LA when finally told that if they could get the quoted OTD price, they should by it.

From what I've heard it's best to deal with them if you are very clear on what you are looking for in terms of your purchase, accessories, extended warranties, they can get distracted in their phone/internet sales group.
I bought my Busa today!

I ended up paying $11,500 which was the best price so far. I'm in a full-time MBA program, and driving over 100 miles to buy a bike was cutting into my study time. The marginal benefit in getting a good deal, did not exceed my marginal cost (learned that in class

Got classes tomorrow, and if my wife can't get off early Friday, I'll pick the Busa up on Saturday morning.

Thanks for the advise guys. NOW I'm ready to do BUSA STUFF! Where do I start??
Start at the beginning.
Take your time and get used to the bike. Since it's new you won't be able to romp it right away, wait til after the first service. Go for a long ride, rack up the miles. Find some twisties and take it slow to get used to how it handles. Slow, ok, fast will come later.
Got the Busa home today. Had a 65 mile ride home from the dealer, but I need to strenghten my wrists,
not used to bending forward.

Love's that Busa power.
Got the Busa home today. Had a 65 mile ride home from the dealer, but I need to strenghten my wrists,  
not used to bending forward.

Love's that Busa power.
Congratulations man. And Welcome...

$11.5K Not to bad if we are talking OTD.

The wrist pain (should) go away after a few weeks maybe a month, if you are still having troubles then you'll want a set of Bar risers, (Heli-bars) or similar. Also, be sure you are holding onto your bike with your thighs, keep your arms low and bent, and use your abs to support you upper body keeping the weight off the wrists.

You'll notice the tops of the gauges are cut off by the windscreen, You need a double bubble Or Sport touring screen (Zero-Gravity or PowerBronze, etc). Then figure out whether or not you have a happy ass after a 100 miles or so, if not get yourself a Suzuki Gel Seat, or Corbin. Front brakes will come up, you'll need Stainless or Kevlar lines (Galfer, Speigler, Etc). Oh and while your just gettin started don't forget to get rid of them cheesy warning stickers and reflectors.

Give the virgin rubber time to scuff in, and remember to give your brain time to adjust to Busa velocities, you'll be getting to that next corner a whole lot quicker than you expect to for a week or so.

I just Have to throw in my two cents!

Leave the windscreen alone unless you don't like it, I like mine stock.

you cannot support yourself with your abs if you are leaning forward, scoot up a little on the seat, try to even out the weight on your hands feet and butt. Keeps your wrists as straight as possible, having them turned back makes them hurt after a long time. I adjusted my levers down so I don't have to turn my wrist back to grab the clutch or brake.
Just for Gen info..Motorcyclist Magazine unloaded an 03 with 184 miles on the clock..-1 tooth,strapped the forks down, lowering links..23 runs later "Shine " ran a 9.47 @ 147 mph.
Thats unbelivable but true...gotta love it..PaceM