Never Let Anyone Else Ride Your Busa


I had a EX-friend that was thinking about buying a busa so he asked to test ride mine. He had rode 1K bikes before so I trusted him to ride mine. He musta been doing stupid stuff he shouldn't have been doing and wrecked it bad. All fairing has to be repaired/replaced broke brake and clutch levers are broke and more. He said he would get the parts but that was the last time I seen him.

He was a good friend up till that point. The bike looks like he took a corner too fast for his skill level and ran off the road and went down in the dirt/grass. He did some stuff to my car too in spite because after he wrecked my bike I was letting him use my car and I wanted my car back so he did some stuff to my car to mess it up before I got it back. The busa is in bad shape from the wreck. I have not been able to find him since.

Jake whitebird

After he wrecked the bike you borrowed him your car?!? No way! Kid wrecked my '14 Harley, asked to turn into insurance. Nope a check from him for 2700 in repairs later, the bike was fixed. Dont let people borrow your stuff!!


I let him use my car before he wrecked my busa. I wanted my car back because he wrecked the busa. I have no idea where he is so I can't take him to cort I think he moved to texas.


I lent a experienced" buddy" my zx-11 that was 2 weeks old, needless to say were not friends anymore. As a wise owner of the shop said to me afterwards--

The BEST case scenario if you lend your bike out is it will come back in the EXACT same condition it left.

He advised lending out the girlfriend before ever lending out the bike.



I have to say, your hayabusa has lived a hell of a rough life from the different crash threads you've posted in the last couple of years. Hope you can get her all fixed up, yet again.


Mabupa Yea it was a rough start going to the busa but I have since gotten used to it now. The first crashes I had was me not being familiar with the weight and handling the power never gave me a problem cause I respected that power and the power saved me a couple of times being able to get out of the way couldn't do that on the 250 . The others were from cars not paying attention also had close calls for the same reason.

Gotta think I never rode anything bigger than a 250 so there a learning curve to the busa plus my short inseam don't make it easier so I can't always get good footing. Now I'm used to it I do fine no more dropping it or wrecking unless its someone else's fault.


It's not too big for me I've been doing just fine on it the past years after getting used to it. I will never get rid of my busa everyone who says things like this didn't go from a 250 to a 1300 there is a learning curve mostly with the weight difference and I had just been riding for 2 years when I got it. In reality this bike is too big for anyone. I got it cause I loved the black and red of the 2011 it was my dream bike and its a lot more comfortable than the supersports. I have it lowered in the rear so I can flat foot it. A few wrecks I've had were low speed in things like wet grass/gravel and ice the bad wrecks I've had were other peoples fault. The power has never gotten me in trouble I handle it just fine so this bike is not too big for me.

Jake whitebird

Your opinion is your opinion man. I went from a 2014 Harley fatbob to this busa but considering you can't flat foot it? Personally that'd be my deal breaker


So this so called friend is a reclusive hermit?? No friends no family no employer, no social media....???

Wrecks your Busa so you give him your car then he messes that up too :confused:




Lot of bad decision making here, no offense cause we all have made goofy moves but I hope your thinking process has improved with age. Good luck with the repairing so you can enjoy your bike again.


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Maybe now you know the difference between 'friends' and 'acquaintances'....


Never Let Anyone Else Ride Your Busa

Always let everyone else ride everything* but your busa :thumbsup:

*Assuming everything else is less than and not equal to.


Like I said he had my car before I let him ride the busa I wanted my car back so he wouldn't wreck it to. In spite on his part he pulled the fuse for the radiator fan so it would overheat. Read the post before committing about letting him use my car.


for the love of god.. why does he have BOTH your car and your motorcycle? This is crazy.... how were u getting around? camel back?


Only 2 people I would let ride the L2 , both are good mates , and would either buy it outright pre-damaged price or fix it , and or give me one of their bikes and cash . Really makes me feel sick just thinking about all this though , not a life lesson you want to learn from . Luckily one has their own Busa and the other just sold his fairly similar set up Busa and won't probably want to ride mine anyway . :thumbsup:
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