Nerve Tests


Well last month after about a year of my left hand tingling and getting to the point that my left hand was becoming numb I went to the Doctor.  The nurologist completed a nerve study that indicated that I have nerve damage and that below my elbow I have a 53% nerve blockage.

After the flight surgeon grounded me I requested another nerve study.  

My question is this:  Is there a way to cheat that test.  It is actually two tests.  One is when they shock the living poop out of different places on the arm.  The second one is where they poke a needle in about 30 places and test the nerve activity.  

I am not looking forward to surgery or the freaking waiver process the Army has so I can continue to fly.

Just wondering.  I have been grounded about a month now.  I know people talk about missing riding their Busas but there is nothing like flying at tree top level at 140 knots (approx 165 mph) and then pulling +3.0g's in a 60 degree climb then nosing her over to about 40 degrees nose low neg g's and blowing the poop out of things.  I really miss that.  

Anyway what are your thoughts?
I don't know of any cheats for those tests, so I can't offer any help. But I am curious, what do you fly? From the speeds and altitudes you mentioned it sounds like fun.
I don't think that there are any cheats for the test so I will have the other one Monday. Not looking forward to it.

Yes I am an Instructor Pilot and Instrument Flight Examiner in the AH-64D Longbow Apache and AH-64A Apache..
Sorry the only tests of nerve I know are how how fast & how far over one can carve a set of twisties. I don't know any cheats for those tests either!

:tounge: ;) :cool:
just make sure that you have a low ranked enlisted giving the test and scare the crap outta him to make him "pass" you. Might work if he's new enough
here is a response that may seem odd to some , but not to me .

A qualified surgeon/physician thinks you shouldn't fly .

A neurologist thinks you shouldn't fly.

Two people who went to school for about 16 years studying the human body think may be a danger to yourself or us , the general public .

SO..... You want to cheat the test so YOU CAN FLY .


Is it just me...or does this not seem odd .

Hopefully the next new post isn't : "I'm a fuggin huge alcoholic, and I was hopin' someone could tell me how to beat the RoadSide Sobriety Test , 'cause I really wanna drive my fuggin' cage around blasted outa my head".

This just SEEMS odd .

But it just might be me .

Have a good 1....RSD.
Hey LongBow Sorry to hear about this. How long are you looking at being grounded for? If Surgery is performed and recovery successful will you get your rating restored?

I had my shoulder re-assembled after getting it destroyed in a duty related incident. After they finished putting the parts back together (8 hours on the table) I had a lot of nerve related issues.
They administered several of the stick and shock and poke and shock tests. Unfortunately unless you know someone who can administer a block at your neck (Long Electrified needle numbs the entire nerve from neck to left or right arm with an anesthetic.) There is little you can do to cheat the tests, it's mostly involuntary reactions if I remember right...
Work on the waiver, does the tingling/numbness effect your ability to properly operate the collective? How critical is "Feel" for proper operation? If you can make a case for continued safe operation I would make it to your CO and go from there...
Otherwise, Take a portion of your thirty paid and relax and do something you enjoy...though I would stay off the Busa as well...Handle bars and all of that...good luck

I hope that you have an easy waiver process, or pass the tests... Being military also, I know that must suck. Good Luck!
RSD I don't think I fly over your house. Believe me if I thought that my ability to fly was impaired I would not...........

It does not bother me to fly. I can function and fly better than anyone. The Flight Surgeon is alittle wacko. My commanding Officer said that he would override the Flight surgeon if I wanted him to (he has the ultimute autority to do so). I told him that I will wait till after this next test.

I was only asking if there was away becasue I trully believe that this is a temporary conditon.

Thanks for the replies
Sum of dem military docs are a bit....wack. Some are good... You gotta remember, they are a doctor, and they are in the military for a reason. Some couldn't hack it outside, some wanted to serve their country. I won't start telling any stories.
I dunno about the military docs being all bad.
 The Air Force Surgeons that put my shoulder back together did a pretty darn good job.  Hell I have a left arm that works, I am pretty happy.   A lot of the Doc's in the military are young and fresh out of their residency.  They go into the military (Via seperate channels) because it pays for all of the school expenses.  The older doc's are generally reservists and active reservists with there own practices on the outside. The orthopod that put my shoulder back together was the same doc who takes care of the Husker football teams orthopedic needs.  The military also provides their docs with a whole lot of experiance in traumatic injury and repairs.  Something a civilian orthopod may not have a lot of experiance doing...  
  Though you do need to keep an eye on the friggen military dentists...whoa...  
There are a few decent military doc's, but I don't trust 90% of them out there. I have been mis-diagnosed a couple of times and not one of them worked out for me. When I got a spider bite between my toes they said it was just dermatitus and to wash my feet more often. Just remember with military medicen, you get what you pay for!

Rev, do you really want to open the subject of military dental??? UGH!
Yes, some of the Doc's are OK. Normally though here's how they normal treat something. You go in o dark thirty. Wait 2 hours and then they give you Vitamin M (800mg Motrin). I have more motrin in my cabinet than a hospital.

Anyway. I did ride 300 miles today. The most I have ridden her since I got her and I think I am going to get a new seat.:) :)

Ha, Yeah I kinda forgot about the militarys love of 800mg Ibuprofin. I still have a couple of bottles myself. :D
RSD I don't think I fly over your house.  Believe me if I thought that my ability to fly was impaired I would not...........
right on....

Well I hope yer back up there in the friendly skies , Searchin' an' Destroyin' in no time .


Have a good 1 man....hope it all works out for ya...