Needing help please


I have an 04 with the following mods: Yoshi full exhaust system, small box mod, BMC race filter, power commander III usb w/ custom map by Quasar, pair valve removed. When I hit the Rev limiter the FI light comes on anyone have or had the same problem? Yes an easy fix is dont hit the rev limiter but it happens, any help please would be appreciated, thanks.
i was having about the same problem , disconected the power commander , to confirm that was where the problem was , called the tech support number , he walked me through settin it up again , had to go to a screen when connected to the power commander and hit i think it was controll r and a window popped up to reset the power commander , after that reloaded map , no more problem , so far !
when the power commander is hooked up , top left corner click view then powercommander info , thats when i clicked control r and the reset screen popped up , follow from there , then try reloading map , but doing this you will loose all maps that are on the power commander , i would recomend calling thier tech support they were realy helpful and it took about 10 minutes
What it came down to is like the guys said above is reset it ,I went a little further and disconnected the battery also that should delete any bad codes , before loading your map always go to the top under Power commander tab and hit the rest button values first before loading any kind of map ,this will be the only way you know that your loading just the new map only. Oh if you do end up disconnecting the battery rest the dash .