Need to Vent


When my Busa's starter went out it took the case covers with it. A local Suzuki shop did the work free from Suzuki. Well not long after, I put it on the dyno and it started to smoke. Seems they did not seal it right and it was leaking oil at the rear. I also noticed a vibration from the motor and come to find out they didnt tighten one of the motor mounts. I called them about it and they started to give me the run around so I took it to a different Suzuki shop and they have the bike now. I could have taken back to the first shop but it's worth the $500 for piece of mind that the job is getting done right. f###ing jack leg mechanics.
It's a reason like that I bought the extended warrenty for my bike. After my wreck the dealer that was suppose to be fixing it broke more then they did fix.
Once they had it back together I told them to dyno it to make sure it was running right. They called me back and told me it was only making about 115 hp. They said that it was because I put a set of Yosh mufflers on it and that it had to be remapped. Well they couldn't do it there so I had to par another shop $85 to do it. After they messed with it for about 1/2 hr they told me that the cam chain was most likly off by a tooth because the best they could get was about 120hp. So back to the other shop I go. Sure enough when they did the chain tensioner recall they put it on wrong. Thet fixed that and I made it about five miles when the bike died. Back to the shop. The cam broke so now I had to wait until they fixed it. Now that everything is back to normal I have 158hp.
Other things that dealer screwed up.
1) when replacing the filler panel that goes between the gas tank and the side fairing they used the wrong screw and cracked the new side fairing.
2) when they replaced the front tire they put the wrong one on. I found this out (when I over sped it) when it expanded and rubbed half way through the front fender. They put a 120mph tire on my bike. Atleast they did give me all of my money back from the tire and paid another shop to replace the tire and fender.