Need Part # for large fairing screw for 2003 Busa


Hi All,
I had my fairing off while I did some maint in my garage for a few days and 'ole Murphy himself struck and stole one of my fairing screws :devil:

Does anyone have a 2003 microfiche / parts list handy that can look up the part # for the centermost screw in the right main fairing? This is the larger screw that has a rubber bushing behind it. I went to pick one up at the dealership today and they tried to sell me a M6X20 screw and its not the same as the one that goes in the center of the fairing. I thnk its the same as the other screws, but of course not the one I need. Looks like the dealer had a fiche for 2001 or 2002. Maybe they changed the part on the 03, buts its definitely not the M6X20

Thanks in advance!
I checked there and they have thru 2002 and it shows the M6X20 part which is not the right screw. They must have changed it for 03... hmmm...

Thanks for the suggestion, I bookmarked that site for reference
no guarantees but if you are talking about the ones in the center and lower back of the fairings then this should be it. 09139-06087
Thanks, I'll give that a try... heading to the "stealer" tomorrow and will see what we can figure out. I'm taking the other screw I have with me as well as this part number and hopefully we can find it.