Need info on stretching my 08 busa


First How many links would I need on my chain if I stretch 8 inches and if I stretch 6 over how low should I lower it in the front and rear

09 busa guy

i had to change my spring in the rear at stock height because it would rub I bought a heavy duty spring from all things chrome and had no problems with rubbing highly recommend and mine is stretch 10 inches
eight inches your going to need a 150 link chain if you go up on the rear sprocket you'll have a little left over... front you can only go down 3/4 an inch before you start getting into problems. and in the back it depends how much you weight, i also put a 1400lbs spring in the back...


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Thanks bro,,,,,,i ordered 120 link 530 chain, can I add any of my original chain links to it with out any problems
I would not add links to a chain . for one your putting new on old and the stock chains that come with the busa are crap , and two then you have 2 master links which are the weakest part . Remember , you are on a Busa! Get yourself a good zzz chain from Goldenchild or one of the many board sponcers. I have over 20,000 on mine and only have had to adjust it 2 times . I'm stretched out 8" and lowered about 2 1/2 in the rear . If you lower you need to do the kickstand mod ( very easy ) and you will need an undertail so you don't rub . Also watch out for speed bumps if you go as far as I did . My front is down 3/4" .

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