Need help with a map

I have an 07 with a k&n, syn oil, 2 Bros shortys and a pcIII usb. The bike ran fine until I put in the pc. Now it backfires through the pipes on deceleration with the map I downloaded from the website (k&n, 2 Bros exhaust). The bike also seems to run a little rich below 3500 rpm. I dont have the funds or the time for a dyno session right now. Anyone have a map that I can use? Are there any other adjustments I can make? My friend just picked up a 09 zx-14 and hes gunning for me. I dont want to be embarassed.
take a look at some other maps. Try one with less fuel down low. Dont worry about what exhaust the map shows just keep trying them until you get one that works.:beerchug:


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do the marble mod, or completely remove the pair valve stuff...the back firing may not be because of the map your running

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