Need help on marchesini wheels

A buddy is looking to offload a set of Marchesini Mag wheels, 16.5"x3.5" and 16.5" x 6.25"

These came off an '02 R1. The wheels come with bearings installed plus the rear wheel comes with break disk and cushon drive adapter. The front brake disks as well as the rear sprocket are NOT included.

Can I use these on my '05 Busa? If so, what else will I need?
1. what size tires?
2. fowhat do I need to replace or add?
3. for the stuff I need, can I reuse the stock components from my Busa?

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You can probably make them fit with the right spacers....but they only make RACE tires in 16.5

Also those are RACE wheels....check to see if they are street legal. Many racers only use a set for a couple of seasons because of durability issues
If the deal is good I would either A)buy them and turn em to someone who Roadraces or B)pass! The 16.5" size is for Superbikes and by that I mean track bound Superbikes. I dont know of a single street tire in this rim size.


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hmmm..I would just save up for Busa specific wheels myself. You get the whole worries.

You can only get slicks for 16.5's. The R1 rotor mounts fro the front will not even be close to fitting. You are asking for a lot of trouble if you go this route with no positive solution for tires once/if you get them mounted to your bike.

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