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Hey gang, I am wanting to help keep our local younger riders safety aware, as I live in a college town and many of them dawn their summer gear to go riding which is no gear at all...

I had a series of photo's of a crash a few years ago but can find only one now see below... does anyone have the rest of these shots or can you help me find them on the web? As I recall it was a lot of scrapes but not too gory. Thanks

no gear.jpg


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That's actually a picture of a guy that was bitten by a snake. He's a producer for Bear Grylls' TV show. The other pic shows the skin graft that they used to cover that gaping hole.


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On a related subject from the picture, stay off the paint when your leaned to the extreme.
It seems odd he would even be leaning that much,seems like a nice soft sweeper to me.

And here's where Rubbah goes off... What kind of an A-hole takes ANYBODY on the back of a bike without gear. I understand that when U pick up a chic and yer dic starts to do your thinking for you,or that its too hot for gear... Wait,no I don't. I dont understand at all.

Sorry Kent,cant find the pics. props to you for trying to educate todays squids,must be quite the challenge.




I only rode with a mesh jacket with armor and gloves,but after seeing enough road rash and crash pics i invested in leathers this yr and boots...and i find it funny when people look at me weird for wearing them,but the day they go down it will all make sense to them,even makes me feel better when i ride knowing im alot better protected.
Those pictures were published in sportrider magazine a few years ago. I will take a look through some back issues and see if I can locate the issue. It may be quicker to join sportrider and ask Kento about the pictures. He is a fantastic journalist and will probably know where they are off the top of his head.

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