I'm up in SD land if you ever get up this way give a shout or i can do the same if i get down your way
Where you at in SD? My dad lives up in the Black Hills so I try and make it up there whenever I can. Some great riding up there.
I live over more by chamberlain my GF's family lives out in the hills so i get out there a few times in the summer as well should send me a pm later in the year mabey meet up out there i knew of a couple other guys with busas in the area but one sold his and the other one was considering it
Right on nice to meet ya Flaresniper welcome to the board sorry i should become somewhat more active here been busy on the bike and farming just itching for some really nice weather to bust the bike out on can;t wait
wwjd is from west des moines. I'm from central IA...

we could ride some summer sunday or something.
Well i'd sure be up for swinging down that way some weekend i will definalty for sure cause bikes gona have to get back to spaz for a weekend to tune her up all nice for me
<span style='color:firebrick'><span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>OK those of you that need your hat for Spring time.

100 hats to go... I will buy and give the 25th order free, followed with the 55th order free and the 99 order free. you do not want to be at events with a crowd and risk not being seen by your Brother and Sister members. Let's see how fast we can get these hats on some heads. Have fun and good luck.</span></span>