National busa meet


Hey instead of trying to get every one in the country to one spot for the first meet . Maybe we should split up in to two or more regions. Like have one in Co. or Cali. for the west and Tenn. for the east.
Build organizing and a good foundation at these meets. Then try for a National meet in the furture.
It seems to me, from reading the other post is that there is an intrest but the biggest concern that people have is the drive. What do ya think?

Not much interest in a National at this point - let alone regional ones?
That regional Idea is a good one! I think we should bring it up in the Wednesday night chat! That sounds like a good plan!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Like I've mentioned before. I'm willing to travel to meet some Hayabusa enthusiasts.
As we all know.. its not too often that you see us 'Busa owners in groups of 2-3 or more. Hell, I'd be thrilled to run accross 12 in a day. Let me know a date and I'll be there.. anywhere
Bad Dog I am with you!! Set the date and location and lets Ride...

Marc "Howlin Mad"
Sterling, every weds nite right here in the chat room time has been at 7 pm PST and thats 10 pm EST.

Join us ...all are welcome.


Would there be a regional midwest meet with Busa's?
My neighbor and I both have the 1300 and have been trying to find people to ride with... Live in NW burbs of Chicago.... Anyone nearby up for weekend rides??
Baccd1, Im in south eastern Wisconsin, if you guys ever want to ride north a little theres some good roads and riding not to far from you, just 20-40 miles north of the WI. IL. boarder. lived here all my life, so I know every good spot around this area. Come and check it out this summer! be glad to show you around!

yes I remember some great raoads around janesville and lake Devlin and Geneva. I must have seen 500 bikes around that area last week when i went home for a wedding. Rt 11, 50 and such.
YA, Ninja its pretty good riding there, but if you go just a little bit further North, Eagle, North Praire, Dousman area you get into the Kettle Morain Forest roads which I think are even better.
Curtis T,

Yes you are correct. My first house was in Delafield, my second house was in Mukwonago. the eagle area in the Kettle area is neat. i got lost for 24 hours when I was a kid in the K. state forest.