New national meet idea?


Been thinking how we could pull off a national meet. Think the first one would be pretty informal and a small group – less than 25 people. Seems like the group as a whole has many resources, well what I’m getting at is, does anyone have a great weekend retreat in an awesome location with plenty of space for a bunch of Busa campers. It’s just a dream, but maybe there’s some killer ski chalet a member owns and who would love to be the host (idea)? This could settle the location problem as everyone has different opinions on were it should be held. I would drive anywhere in the country for an opportunity to stay at a killer place. Also, we could invite people by invitation only to keep things under control. The first meet we could plan for future more structured nationals. Maybe a (3) day get-together?
I like it... so wheres this chalet??? In case your wondering I aint got one...

Hey, I thought all you guys in Hawaii lived like kings, haha. I may have a site available; it’s a lake place (my brothers, I would have to do some fast talking and probably bribe him). It’s a middle of the week possibility. It isn’t a Chalet, but is doable place and away from the big city. You would need to find a scooter? Lets see what plays out on this topic?
Sounds good Hank. I hope we are talking about next year some time as I am traveling to Az. this month and Canada in July. My summer is all booked up, (cant believe it) Oh and where is this place and your location again plz? Or if everyone wants to come here we could have it anytime ... ? I know it sounds funny but this is a great place to ride. And I am gonna need wheels probly from cruise america they rent Hondas, unless some one has a busa side car? haha
The location is in northern Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes. There are no mountains - except little ones by lake Superior. The best Month for weather is probably August. There is a big screen TV with satellite, a party barge, wave runner, a fantastic island beach available – killer lake and a sauna – a real one (not one of those hotel ones). I also know the owner of a cycle shop and will ask him about motorcycle rentals. It’s a long shot, and in the center of the USA. Who knows?
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so, everyone please look for the posts..or post about it to see if we can keep the fire lit on this one. So far on there is a general consensus for a meeting of some sort in Las Vegas. I can understand why this would be out of reach for some. I'm not sure how viable a trip to N.Y would be for me from So.Cal. If this ends up being a success then we could look forward to a larger and larger meeting as the years go by. An annual 'Busa rally would be cool..
I have posted on on this topic. Unfortunately, if we all went to Vegas, we would all get so spread out, I think everything would fall apart and people would lose sight of the idea of getting together. On the otherhand, I had suggested doing something that would coexist with the annual Motorcycle Dealer Expo in Long Beach, Ca. some time in December (i think). For those of you that have never been to this event, it is something like those big auto shows where all the manufacturers bring all the next year models to show the public. In addition, there are a ton of vendors and show bikes on display and sometimes trials demos and other things going on.

What i propose is getting other parties involved. Someone here must have a connection at Suzuki, and Someone must have a connection at the Long Beach Suzuki, and someone must print T-shirts...and so on. Collectively, we can be a very powerful group (no pun intended). I am sure that in trade, Suzuki could rely on "us" for input regarding the Hayabusa, and the local dealer would appreciate the extra advertisement.

I guess what it comes down to, is that we first decide if this is doable, then we need to get together somehow and someway to discuss what we want from this and how we want to go about it.

Feel free to email me on the subject.

Sterling - To have a get together in December would be fine for us Californians, but not doable for much of the rest of the country due to the weather that time of year.
Late Spring or early Fall would probably be a better time.
Winter is OK as long as we all go some where warm. I head down to Florida 2 or 3 times per winter. Most of the time I ship the bike, but I have trailered also.

FL. for the East, S. Cali. for the West, and the Midwest has a choice?

Deep Texas
Deep Florida anthing else could get sloppy.