Mystery Throttle Body Hose



Trying to determine where the vacuum line pictured with the black/orange gizmo get connected to and the part number for the black and orange doodad…
2007 GEN 1

Currently that line is plugged with a screw on my bike… that's not acceptable to me…

If anybody knows the size for the O-ring on the fuel injectors that would be very helpful… I ripped one and I need to replace it… Less expensively than $12 per O-ring at the dealer…

Additionally, maybe somebody knows a source for the injector fuel screens/filters

Thanks again

SR – 71


ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish...
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As far as the O ring goes, the dealer, or a good foreign auto parts place.
It's not a standard Oring.
The Vacuum line goes down to the one of the valves mounted on the inside of the left frame rail.


It was plugged because, if open, and you have an aftermarket exhaust, the bike backfires bad. I had to do it on my Pumpkin once I put the D&D bolt-on pipes in place. If you do not like it, either put the stock exhaust back on or remove it and all the crap that goes with it. Someone here makes a good blank off kit.
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