myrtle pics, just got back


There were kazillions of bikes at myrtle this year. Several fatals including one in front of me. My buddie that came with had a 1000 that got totaled. The majority of the bikes had the stock paint scemes or variations of. I tried to take pics of the best ones reguardless of the bike. SO DONT HATE. I was there fri night, sat, left sunday.
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I'm sorry to hear about your buddy. I hope he's ok. Nice pictures gald you had fun.
forgot one, this one lit up where all the "electric" lines are.

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Hey Iceman,
Can you do me a favour? Could you Email me a full size version of the pic "Standard view of the people"?

I uh...need a better look at the lead bike there, yeah thats it!
biggrin.gif Just ignore the message talking about click here and do this and that, I'll get it just the same.

If you get a chance...
Hey Iceman
I was there also. When your buddy trashed his bike did he have girl on there with him. I saw a blue and white 1000 get trashed on a saturday. I came over to try to help out until the EMS arrived. Just wondering?
Yep, right up from applebees. Lil small thang too. pullin an accidental 2:15 (12 o clock) wheelie put her nice arse into the pavement and it was toasted. Man I hated it. Thanks for all the help, thanks for stoppin


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ICE sorry to hear about your friend. About the accident saturday 2:15 was that on kings highway?
I was rolled up on that about the same time the cops got there?

Hmmmm and i got about 100+ pics even a few bike pics lolololol

Glad you guys had a great time and got home safely

2:15 was the wheelie position of the bike when her buttocks met the pavement.  The bike flipped ova backwards when he juiced it.  You were at the same crash no doubt it was on kings highway.  
None of the others were Gsxr1000's.  Thumbnails keeps me from gettin booted off da site.  100+pics, email me a few
Man this sucks...I meant to have the opportunity to meet all the members that were there but I had lost all means of communicating on the board...Well life goes on...
Nice pics! That "ripped" paint scheme IS popular.

Strained my eyes looking at the small pics, 'til I found out why.

And the "stand-up" girl...I'm jealous!!
Why can Big O see the pics and I can't

I am quitting this forum and I will never get back! Never ever!

I want to see some pictures....


P.S. Does anyone have a kleenex