My Weekend Project (The Rizla Beetle)

Hi Guys,

after buying the Rizla Busa last Year, my Girlfriend desided to pimp her Car...
For that Reason i had plenty of work. This Weekend i got to the Point that i can show some Pics.
I will mount the new Rims Tomorrow, and the rest of the decals when they get to my Place...

She loves it!

Here some specs of the Car:

New Beetle 1,8T
Porsche Brakes
Billstein Suspension
Full 78mm Stainless Duplex exhaust
Carbon Fiber Seats
wrapped in Bruxafol colorcode YBB (original Rizla Colorcode)
and many more small things...




well, thanks guys!

weve been thru some really hard times by now, so breakin up is not an option... But time will tell...
And it was her idea buildin it like that. Her car, her idea and a lot of work for me :banghead:

But i like the look.
There is just something about that smurf blue...... Its not common on vehicles and it just seems to "pop" on a sunny day :beerchug:
It even "pop" at nighttime and in the rain...

you cant imagine how many ppl turn their heads, especially when the busa and the beetle are passing them...

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