My Speedhut guages


I know the color isn't for everyone, but it fits the new paint scheme of the bike.

Great quality and got what I wanted for a good price!

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dood i just got mine and took them to the shop to put on with all of my other goodies. i paid an extra 10 bucks to take off the speedhut logo and i got the reverse with the white face and the dark blue writing and insead of what looks like a dragon on yours i have the kanji.that color looks real good especially if it matches your paint and i like the flames kinda mad i didnt get them.
Those look really good. I have mine installed and just got back in town. I will take some pics and post them tomorrow.
Good job man. I'm hoping to get mine installed over the weekend. It's a damn shame with all this weather and work that I'm not able to even touch my bike. BTW, how did you hook them up to test the lighting? Just curious. Or did you just place them back on the bike?

Thanks Ya'll.
You all will be glad when you get them installed.
Busahigg, I won't make the 14th, Sorry. I'm waiting till I get the new wheels and pipes.
I gotta get mapped and "tuned up".
All 4 guages plug into a harness that goes thru the dimmer. The only connection is a hot and ground. My Buddy held them on the battery while I took the pics. Then thet went back on the washer/workbench.