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Got my Speedhut gauge faces today. The instructions they sent along with it were for a honda accord type car. I searched the hayabusa Manual for instrument cluster replacement, Cluster disassembly, and a few other ways with no luck. I went thru 5 search pages on the forum with no luck. Anybody have a step by step for idiots on how to install these? I promise to post pics after they're on!
This is going to be useful when I get my guages

...Thank you PacificBusa
Let me know how they work out. I can't decide if I want to go with SpeedHut or just get them done up by BlueGauges.
i've got speedy hut on my 02 busa the look great granted i liked how some other reverse indiglo gagues instaled they had tape on the gauges already i sorta super guled my speed hut ones down
Hey Pac, The picture kinda helped thanks! We have the same PDF Manual but my searches come up with nada. Oh well.
Like anything I do I decided to just jump in and find out for myself how it's done. I started by removing the left and right inner cowl pieces ( assuming that is what they are called) then I unbolted the 2) 10mm wrench bolts on the lower part of the instrument panel. I pulled on the top and the plastic studs pulled out of their rubber grommets. i then unplugged the electrical wiring harness from the back and moved the project inside. Once inside i used a #2 phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws from the back side of the panel and separated the instrument cluster cover. I then recalled reading a post about using 2 spoons to pry the needles off so i did so and it worked. It was a little tougher than i thought but it did work. I unscrewed the two tiny phillips head screws and was ready to install the new gas faceplate. that is when I noticed the the new gauge faces had no needle stops. I carefully removed one from the gas faceplate ( what a pain in the @zz!) and inserted it into the Speedhut unit. Got P'd off and quit. Seems they either forgot to send some of their own or they drilled the stop holes too large. Either way the stock ones were WAY too small for the speedhut plates so I had to abandon the install. SO I will call them Monday morning and see what's up. For anyone doing this in the future once you get this far you have all the knowledge you need except for how to wire up the control module and how to route the wires. Once my issue is resolved i will continue the step by step for your future enjoyment. Wish me luck!!
Shen, Mooses....yer welcome, bros!

Mooses....FWIW, you can look under "Combination Meter". I dunno why the manual lists it as that, but yeah...I couldn't find anything under gauges, speedometer, instrument cluster. Go figure...

Must be the geniuses at Suzuki....