My New Busa

I wanted to take the time to show off my new Busa. I had a stroke of luck and good timing on it. Its a 2000 and had 4500 miles on it when I bought it 3 weeks ago. It had been sitting in storage since 2004. The previous owner had all the chrome and polishing done, added 4 inches to the original swingarm and chromed it, added a 1363 kit with cams and what looks like the 1st Power Commander (don't know if i will need to upgrade to a newer one) and put her up. Im not complaining!!!

Since getting it I have added a Tiger Tail and a clear ZG Double Bubble. I am trying to decide on which HIDs I will purchase (tons of options but leaning towards DDM because of info found on this forum) and I'm gonna send my gauges off to Bluegauges as well.

busa2 (Medium).jpg

busa1 (Medium).jpg

busa3 (Medium).jpg

busa4 (Medium).jpg


Someone's been doing burnouts:watching:...:laugh:. Nice find. I'm hoping to have the funds to add a stage 1 turbo to my bike over the winter.:beerchug:
Nice nice bike....leave the PC as is so long as the bikes running OK...sounds like the previous owner knew what he was doing based on the kit he had done so its probably custom tuned.
For a 13 yr old bike that is tidy by any standard....ENJOY and watch the brakes as they are about the only weak spot of the Gen 1.
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