My hayabusa is sputtering under hard throttle


I have a 2003 hayabusa, when i get on it hard in the low gears it starts sputtering and bucking. I think it is a fuel system problem. Maybe a dirty fuel filter, bad pump, or bad fuel pressure regulator. Anybody have any tips?????? I want to get back to running 8's!!!!!!
I'd start with the filter.Most Busa owners report a dirty filter before a bad pump,etc.

If you've never been into it,and that filter is 10 years old...:whistle:

keep tuned... gixerhp and i will be doing a pinned mod for filter. bike ran warp speed mr sulu seems to be working great!!
Busa Owners,
I Know its a ***** to empty the tank and remove the fuel pump and get to the filter, but most of us have had the same problem and it is usually the same thing. the fuel filter,
I have had to do it twice. But afterwards that smile comes back when she is purring like a kitten again.