My Frogg Togg outwear thread

I'm gonna guess that the product is meant for light duty only. In a light rain, or a short downpour, or wearing over leathers might be better than nothing, but a full on keep dry at all costs they fall short. I actually have a set as a backup because my Aerostich is so worn out that the waterproofing is weak now.

I think the military has the secret material for keeping every motorcyclist dry. I wish they'd share. :laugh:
captain said:
Well no response to my email... Looks like no one at Frogg Togg cares... Anyone suprised?

So can we destroy them now, please Cap, can we? Please?

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So I sent my email to Frogg Toggs with basically the same information I posted here (pictures included) with a link to the site and this thread specifically. I waited 7 days and heard not a peep from anyone... STRIKE 1. I called them on the phone and a went through the phone queues and a very nice lady named Barbara came on the phone and told me that no one in support was available but she would be more than happy to help me. I explained the situation and she told me they were having problems with other email accounts but I could use the info@ email because she knew it was working. Barbara told me that there had been some of the older gear that had a smaller zipper (just like mine) and that they had changed to a wide thick zipper (Semi and Twotonevert have this), she went on to say that at one point they were sending replacement zippers out but they did not have any more of them... (I did not ask how that worked). Barbara gave me her personal email account and I resent it to her directly. She was very professional and helpful, at no time did I ever have to get nasty...

The same afternoon Barbara sent me an email with a request for lot number info off the tag and some history on purchase all the normal stuff, I complied and responded back. Barbara quickly sent me an return auth and they will be replacing my gear... Very simple once I was able to get someone to reply...

Now I need to pack up my gear in a box and send it in and they should be sending me a new set...

For those execs that might just be reading this post.... You need to take Barbara out for a free lunch, she took on my issue without hesitation, answered my questions and found a resolution. This thread could have turned out a completely different way and Frogg Togg could have had a permanent negative thread on a pretty popular forum stuck out on the Internet... Instead, a very nice lady helped me....

Thank you Barbara...

More to come as we see the final pieces unfold...

Outstanding Cap, I am glad it worked it and another company has taken a position to stand behind their products. I am happy I have a two sets of Toggs! :cheerleader:

Now I wonder how long it will be before someone searching Frogg Toggs on Google will see this thread on Google. :laugh:
yep had a pair when i lived in az a couple years ago...went to use them the first time and the zipper came right off before i even got them on.. couldnt remember where i ordered them from so i emailed the company several times with no results so in the trash they went i never even got to get them wet.
Man I was mad at the begining of that message (When they ignored you) and was about to denounce FT for life but cause of Barbara I might give them another chance!!
Start official thread jack here:

Stangnet and me got Ford to buy back my defective 2005 Ford Mustang when she was just a pup in Jan of 05..... the internet is a powerful tool. Glad it worked out for ya.

My Engine is Out of My Car...All of the threads | Mustang Forums at StangNet

The replacement as she sits now...


End thread jack and I'm glad you got some new toggs on the way.
But it still doesn't change the fact that their RAIN GEAR DOESN'T KEEP YOU DRY???!!!!

I used mine and rode all day in rain on way to the Bash. Granted I only have the $40 set and not the most expensive one but like all say after a couple hours I only kept them on as a cold wind breaker. Other than that I was soaked thru. And the snap on the top of the collar kept pushing into my Adams apple from the wind pressure.

So now Capt they are gonna send you another new set that won't keep you any drier than before?
Sorry guys, we rode in some pretty good rain, not monsoon, but a good rain and we stayed dry. I am sorry you got wet with yours. Did you have the right color?
I'm not certain which special space suit you need from Frogg Toggs to NOT get wet in hours of rain, but I guess I didn't have that one on :rofl:

Glad things are looking up for you captain...keep us posted!
Well, I got a box in the mail on Friday... My replacement Toggs are in..

I started this thread on 4-24-2012 and I received the replacements on 9-21-2012 only took 5 months.... WOW, while the staff was super nice about it all I find it sad that a large company can't get a replacement out a little faster than 5 months... We will call this Frog Fail.....

I have 5 years on my set, no issues and they've kept me mostly dry for all 5 years. I get a little wet at spots, but it beats all spots being soaked. My better half is still using the set she hiked the entirety of the AT in almost ten years ago. She's due for a replacement. :D

I'm not posting to take away from your issue, but I felt compelled to offer my experience in the interest of full disclosure. Sorry you guys are having such rotten luck, and hopefully FT takes your input and makes an even better product for all of us. I see their gear hanging in every bike shop I stop at around here.