My Buddy's Project


99 Busa
Can you say 1542cc?

Where's the parachute and ejector seat? I thought all fighter jets came with one......
BadZX: Can you find out what swingarm that is??? I need one for my Turbo and that one looks MIGHTY FINE!
He's got $1500 in that paint job.

SuperBikeMike 1430cc block with an APE 5mm stroker crank.

No dyno numbers yet. He's waiting for the fuel pump seals before he can run it.
It's a 99, so he took the pump apart to remove the screens.

It's a SuperBikeMike arm,
I would recommend a McIntosh or a PBP arm tho.
Mike's Billet ends are flat stock and don't match the conteur of the swingarm
It's 6" longer than stock.
This thing is pretty serious!
Wow...very nice paint job...awesome! Where is this guy from? Does he participate on any of the boards?
Thanks Guys.
The paint is from a local Lady here in Texas.
He wasn't happy with the first version, so she whiped out the sand paper and redid it.

The airbrush work is remarkable!!

My Buddy lurks on a couple of boards, but has never posted.
He's got his own business and 3 kids, so that doesn't leave much time for much else.

I bet he finds time to ride that thing tho, HUH??