Motorcycle Road Trip To CO & NM, PT1


I just got back from our motorcycle road trip last night. My husband, Joe (Joetrailer) and I rode over 3100 miles. We probably could of rode more miles, but we enjoyed our stay at a few Wyndham timeshare resorts and hotels. Here's the route from MN through Colorado and part of New Mexico.

The first night we stayed at the Townhouse Inn & Suites in Omaha, NE. We took a long walk that night. Joe and I walked to Lifetime Fitness. It was kind of scary to walk around in unfamiliar places in the dark. My husband made reservations a Fort Sidney Inn Motel for the second night. The Fort Sidney Inn Motel is an older motel, but it was okay for one night.

We spent three nights at Wyndham Steamboat Springs. Joe spent a lot of time cooking while we were at the resort. I recorded him preparing and cooking our meals. He'll edit and upload his cooking videos later this fall. It could be a while before he gets the time to render the videos. It was fun to watch him try to do his own cooking show.

My husband and I had months to figure out how to get to Strawberry Hot Springs. We attempted to drive up the gravel road to Strawberry Hot Springs on our sport bikes. Joe and I stopped our motorcycles in the middle of the road because our wheels were losing traction. Joe unhooked the trailers. We had to bring our trailers down the gravel road. He turned the motorcycles around and parked them on the pavement. Joe hooked the trailers back on our motorcycles. Joe and I were happy that we made it back onto the pavement without tipping our motorcycles over. We found a different way to get to Strawberry Hot Springs. The next day we parked in a different area. It was kind of confusing where we were supposed to find the trail. Joe and I walked on a trail on the side of the road until we found the right trail to get there. We walked a few miles through the wilderness to Strawberry Hot Springs. Strawberry Hot Springs was bigger than I expected. The larger pools were deep and big enough to swim in them. It's in a secluded area. There were rest rooms and a separate building for changing your clothes. I would of preferred to change in the restroom for more privacy since the stalls were only separated by curtains. Joe recorded a video of where we parked and where the trail started. He'll upload that video this fall or winter.

Joe and I had one night in Durango. It had started raining after we checked into the resort. We waited for the rain to stop. We walked around town at night. All the shops were closed. The grocery store closed a few minutes before we arrived. We went to a gas station to buy pop. There is a rooftop hot tub at the Wyndham Resort. We soaked in the hot tub before going to bed.

We stayed at the Days Inn in Cortez, CO for three nights. Joe and I visited the Mesa Verde Ntl. Park visitor center. The first night we drove around Mesa Verde National Park because it was too late to visit the cliff dwellings. I loved riding on the curvy road up the mountain. We signed up for a tour of the Cliff Palace. It was well worth the $3.00 each for the guided tour. The park ranger gave an interesting speech about the cliff dwellings and the Indians who lived there. We toured Spruce Tree House. I'll share some photos of the cliff dwellings on my Google+ account. Some photos have been shared on Facebook.

We had planned to visit Taos Pueblo on Tuesday, August 27th. Joe and I attempted to walk on the side of the road to the Taos Pueblo. He was ahead of me on the the road. A police officer pulled over and told Joe that he couldn't walk on the road. Joe thought he was joking and asked him if he was serious. There was sign posted that stated "No Walking, Jogging, Hiking or Bicycling on Tribal Roads or Lands." We could went back to our hotel and rode there on our motorcycles. Joe didn't want to risk popping his bald front tire. We didn't bring a passenger seat to use on my motorcycle. Joe and I walked to a huge store and bought junk. Taos Pueblo was closed to the public on Monday and Wednesday due to their own private festivities. Check their online calendar in advance for hours if you plan to visit there. Maybe next time we'll visit Taos Pueblo.
Taos, New Mexico(8/25-8/28)

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