Motorcycle Cover


I just put a down payment on a 2003 Black and Grey busa. I will pick it up the end of the month. I am wondering what type of cover works best for the busa? I will be keeping the bike in my garage but I still cover it every night to keep the dust off of it.
I think it is made by Dowco. It is their G-50 model. Black and grey. The grey part is heat resitent. You can put it on the pipes when she is hot. Great cover. My brother just covers his with nice blankets when it is in the garage.
I use and recommend the Nelson-Rigg Guardian 2000. Exactly the same color and purpose as what Discreet posted. Heat resistant bottom on this one also.

Ordered the Nelson from MotoXtreme. I think the price was like $65.

I use the Geza. Does not cover the bike all the way to the wheels but very light, water/tear resistant and folds to a size that it will fit in the compartment and you can bring it along. I think I have pics with the it covering my bike...I'll look. Cheers.
my 2003 busa just came in last thursday and i ordered a suzuki cover for it. A little more money for it but is heat,sun and rain resistant. Also fits like a glove.
I have a Nelson-Rigg and on the front it says "this is not an just ordinary bike"

I got from Dennis Kirk.