Momentary engine cutoff and FI light


Hello all,

I am having a problem with my 05 that is proving to be hard to find. It is a very intermittent problem, but has happened occasionally for the last month or so. At highway speeds, if I hit a rather hard bump, the engine will lose power for about ½ second, and then the FI light flashes until the engine is restarted (I can even just grab the clutch, and cycle the engine kill switch, and then bump start the engine to reset the light).

And then this last weekend I took it drag racing. On three of my four passes, it did it the same thing. Twice coming out of the hole, and then once in the second gear wind-up (just about ate the instrument panel that time!).

I have a PC3 on the bike. I did pull its connectors and scraped them with a knife the best I could (though they looked fine). That didn’t cure it. I have not yet tried taking the PC3 out of the system, so I know that is a step to try. The local dealer told me he’s never heard of a PC3 causing this type of problem.

I had the dealer look for any error codes while I was there in hopes that it would provide some clues as to what might be going on. No codes were in the bike, so either nothing is being registered, or the codes are being erased by this problem.

Other than eliminating the PC3 (which I will do this weekend), has anybody ever seen anything like this before? It’s pretty obviously a “loose disconnectionâ€￾ somewhere, but I’m not sure where to start looking. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all. -Pat


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check the wires and switch on your kickstand. If the bike is running in gear and you put the stand down it will shut the bike down. Maybe this could be a starting point.


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Yea what jwcfbd said... or you could suspect a faulty tip over switch. If it's only happening when you hit bumps it could be that as well.