mod stock cans


I modded the stock cans today i did not take pictures but it took my all of 2 hours to do both of them and it went pretty fast. I put them on and it sounds good i should have took pictures but i was in a hurry and the pics were not necessary it looks nice
Did you do the inlets and outlets? I have the outlets done on mine and going to do the ins when I head home in a week. I love the sound. Saved yourself a good amount of cash huh?
i just did the mod over the weekend too. did the back end (outlets???) with 9 holes each.. but what about the "inlets"? can someone give me more info on this. thanks.
To do the back you need to go to someplace(Home Depot/Lowes) that sell drill bits and buy one that is 18" to 24" long. Some refer them as tree stump bits. As you need the length of the bit to drill way down into the stump so you can pour the chemical in it to help in breaking(decompose) down the stump.

The part being drilled on the inlet side is in a ways and standard bits won't work. bit will cost $10-15.

Throw towel or old blanket under the muffler so you don't scratch it up in the process.
i went to work and removed the cans and I took them inside and I work as a crane mechanic and have all the tools at my disposal so I ground off the ends and unpacked them I cut the baffles apart and reassembled them and cut them down so in baffles are not stock and then I cut the can itself and wrapped them and put everything back together sound nice looks good it took me all of about 2.5 hrs maybe i didn't keep track of time
i did a gsxr 750 too that had a yoshi can so i took that apart and cut it and modded the baffles and repacked it and reinstalled looks and sounds good. I have pics of that well some

blackberry 033.jpg

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