Misc. pics I never posted


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Just found some pics of bikes in my computer storage so thought I'd throw em up on the org. No real reason other than it's fun to look at peoples scooters! Doyle









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Love those Yammi's lined up ready to go:thumbsup:

My OCD loves to see more than one of the same thing:laugh:


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nice pics, you can't go wrong with some great bike pics! :beerchug:


Enjoying 1 road at a time
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Incidently, the #8 Shell dirt tracker is Wayne Rainy's old track bike, taken in his garage. His "play" karts and trick wheelchair are in the background.


Enjoying 1 road at a time
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One more group, now I have to go out and rake leaves!










Enjoying 1 road at a time
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OMG a Honda Dream....Took my MC test on one. :cheerleader:
My brother actually had a new one in 1961, I thought it was so beautiful! (OMG, that was FIFTY years ago!)
Look at us "senior motorcyclists", still gettin a knee down!
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