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Hey all,

  If anyone is interested, my company is putting on a Beer and Wine festival at Hudson Mills Metropark in Dexter, MI.  We have a motorcycle show and are looking for bikes to enter or just come by to hang out and taste the beer and wine.  There will be a lot to do (Beer/Wine Tasting, Car Show, Motorcycle show, we will be doing an organized ride in the area (I may lead this on the Busa), Live Music (Battle of the Bands), crafters, exhibitors, etc.)

It will be a good time and you may even win something. It's free to get in if you have a metropark season pass or $4 for a park pass.  Costs to do the tastings or if you want to enter a contest but everything else is free.  

All contests fees go to charities (for example, "Children fighting cancer" running the motorcycle show and the Special Olympics is running the car show).  So its all for a good cause.

Registration is still open for our events (Car show, motorcycle show, battle of the bands (grand prize is recording studio time), even crafters/exhibitors etc)

The festival is on September 23rd and 24th (Sat (10am-8pm) and sunday(11am-5pm) alcohol tasting starts at noon). You can find out about it and sign up for stuff here:

Clicky for Festival info

Hope to see you there!

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