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To all the members who've purchased something Chrome or had something Chrome plated I have a question. Who did your work and what do you think of the quality? Some of you have been sporting Chrome for sometime now! Is it showing signs of wear, by coming off, bubbling, or blistering? If you could do it again what/who would you recommend? I'm more interested in the long term reliability of the different vendors products!
My wheels haven't been chromed for a whole year yet but they seem to be holding up with no problems so far. I believe the motorcycle shop that I took my bike too sent the wheels to Classic Components in Westminster Cali. They did a great job on the wheels but the small parts quality was sub-par.
Thanks for the info, this is exactly the kind of feed back I'm looking for. Even if your Chrome is less than a year old please post your thoughts/comments on how you think its holding up.......
Chrome wheels...18 mos...No problems so far...I use Eagle 20/20 to clean...No amonia no little streaks...
I have a set from Airline Plating in Houston.
They are bubbling and fading. They are about 1 1/2 years old.

I have a set of Sebrings that RC Components did almost 2 years ago. Look brand new!

I have a set from SportChrome that are only a few months old. Look BRAND NEW!
chrome wheels, 2 years, the back one broke in 6 places, and i didnt hit anythjign out of th ordinary! the chroming weakinf the wheel, not for a serious rider, almost killed me
i really don't see how the plating proccess can weaken the wheel... but thats my opinion... am i wrong on this?
chrome wheels, 2 years, the back one broke in 6 places, and i didnt hit anythjign out of th ordinary! the chroming weakinf the wheel, not for a serious rider, almost killed me
I have heard of this, and seen pictures. That is why I am watching this thread. I love how they look. The picture i saw was a hairline fracture. The tire would no longer hold air, that's how he found it. Good thing he caught it in time.
That seems very strange to me. I do believe you guys, but I still can't see how a thin layer of extra metal would weaken the cast aluminum underneath. I don't think they even heat the metal much during the chroming process. Isn't it all done with baths of various chemicals and a weak electric charge? If so, how does that change the properties of the aluminum wheel and therefore weaken it? I don't mean to sound challenging. I just want to learn about this.
I have an 02SE it has chrome wheels on it that came on the bike. The dealer sent them to SportChrome I think. This weekend I was doing a good clean and wax and noticed cracks in the chrome on the rear wheel. If you are at the back of the bike and turn the rear wheel there is a crack that is at the base of the spoke where it meets the hub. They are on all three spokes all the way across and up the side of the spoke. I have had this bike since late March. I asked the dealer when I picked it up what kind of warranty there was on the wheels he said there was no warranty. We will see and I will let you know
If they came from SportChrome, there will be a job number stinceled inside, and they can give you all the info that you need, from that number.
Where did the wheel break? Spokes or the bead?  Hope you're OK. From your "almost kiled me" I deduce you wrecked.  What happened?

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I have a buddy with chrome wheels that were less then a year old. The front wheel snapped all 3 spokes off and he said it was because it was chromed and the chrome actually makes the rim heat up alot more when riding. BUT...... He was doing a wheelie too and this incident happened on his R1. I am sure the wheelie didnt help, but maybe the chrome wheel was the main reason it snapped??!?!? Wierd...
I just bought an '03 Busa and haven't chromed anything on it yet. But, on my race/street car (a '99 Supercharged Camaro SS) I have chromed quite a bit, including wheels and headers. I have to recommend sending anything that you want chromed to a JetHot dip before & after the chroming is done. ESPECIALLY if it is something that will be under intense heating and cooling, like pipes and any frame parts that are near the engine or exhaust, etc.