MC deaths in Florida

New riders one liter bikes + People eating a cheesburger,talking on the phone, and adjusting the stereo =more accidents
Whatever the law may be, I know a helmet has saved me and others. I say keep your head and wear a helmet!
statistics suck, i seen opposing groups use the same numbers to both prove their points or agendas (politicians are a good example). i live in florida(northwest), i am a firm believer in freedom of choice whether its wearing a helmet or a seat belt,i don't like the government or a certain group of people telling me what i can and can't do,as long as i am not hurting it safer? probably so,but let me as an adult, choose. when i had a sportster i did not wear a helmet but would not ride hardly anywhere on my Busa without one (but it has 3 or 4 times the performance too)anyways couldn't imagine what it would be like at 150 mph without one. i for one am glad florida gives us a choice. i have a good friend that has brain damage from not wearing a helmet(he hit his head on a stop sign with his head about 15-20 mph) but he was drunk and had 2 girls on the bike(sportster) would the helmet have helped yes,but sober and only one passenger it would not have happened. just my .00002 cents worth
It's cool... don't worry about it... we're just weeding out the the shallow end of the gene pool