Marchesini Wheels on 2013 ABS Hayabusa?, Encoder Fitment Question?


Hi all hoping for some clarity on this issue. I want to change out the factory rims for 10 spoke Marchesini rims but am not sure if the encoder for the ABS unit is compatible with rims for earlier model Busa's any thoughts? Cheers
I have no answer for you but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if it were me, I'd go to my dealer and ask that question. If the wheel part numbers are the same from non-ABS earlier Gen II bikes then it's a pretty sure bet that you are good to go!
I've looked at a few abs models up close. Suzuki is just like the other bikes in the fact the reluctor wheel for the abs is built in to the rotors.

As long as the hubs on the marchenzini (sp) wheels are the same I wouldn't forese there being any issues. And I would venture to guess they will be the same if the allow for you to run stock suzuki rotors.