I have pc3 and a map in now and was all done before I brought the bike home from the dealer. So they put a map on it. I went to the pc website and tried to find what type of map they used but could not find a map on the site with my pipe. What I want to know is when I get my bike on the dyno will they put a different map on it or just tell me if it is to rich or lean?
Im sure they will want to remap it again...I'm no expert but I just about bet after they remap it and you drive to the next dyno shop
they will tell you its needs remap again..And then the next shop would say the same...Not all dyno places are like that but many are.
JC's stock map kicks Ass!
im looking for a map myself ihave a 01 dual hmf high mount full air box mod pair valve removed i have a pc2 im going to get a custom map made but to go there i wanted a map that ill be sure not to break anything
ill pay i dont mind!!
thx a lot